IELTS Speaking Cheat Sheet

Remember, though the name suggests cheat sheet, you will only gain benefit of this sheet if you actually practice these rather trying to memorize. Practicing will not only help your IELTS score but also help improve your speaking skills and reflect you as a better personality.

Question Type Possible Answer Structure
Do you think that ...
  • I think, definitely that ...
  • I think, certainly that ...
  • I don't think that ..
  • In my opinion ..
  • I assume that ..
What Kinds of ...
  • A variety of kinds
  • Polymorphic kinds
  • Uniform/Standard
  • Random
  • Plethora of
Do you agree that ..
  • I would definitely agree that .. because ..
  • I tend to disagree that .. because ..
Why is that ..
  • The reasons that I could think of are ..
  • It could be due to a couple/variety of reasons ..
  • I'm not sure about the rationale of ..

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