Practice is The Key!

No matter how much of vocabulary you know, no matter how perfect of a grammar you've got, it is impossible to get a higher score in IELTS Speaking unless you have sufficiently practiced for it.


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Speaking IELTS

No doubt, speaking is one of the most challenging aspects of the IELTS exam. This website is established after carefully evaluating the reasons on why most people are not able to secure 8 or 9 bands in IELTS Speaking exam even after a lot of struggle and time spent in preparation.

The core reason according to is lack of practice. Most students lack the opportunity to practice ielts speaking and no decent solutions exist to simulate a real-like exam environment.

People look for friends or skype partners to practice speaking but those options have their own challenges. provides a free ielts speaking online test simulator where students can practice the full experience of speaking exam at any time that suits their schedule.

SpeakingIELTS online mock test simulator is designed in the same pattern of topics for ielts speaking and the sequence and topics of questions for ielts speaking as a candidate would experience in the actual exam, bringing you the solid practice platform, the more you practice the higher the chances of getting better bands you get.

To use the simulator, simply click the "Start Practice" button, and the exam will begin. An overall timer as well as timer for individual questions will begin to get you a fair idea and let you practice the timing. At this moment, we are working on a feature to record the session, however you can record the session using your mobile phone or any audio recording tool and send us your session recording for evaluation.

We wish you the best in your IELTS journey, and here to support you in the process. Get it touch on /SpeakingIeltsOfficial if you need advice.